When I visited a true paradise, Bora Bora, last year, our stay was at the Pearl Beach Spa & Resort, and we made our home over the water where we had a clear view of Mt. Otemanu.  I would stare at it endlessly, and it’s majestic aura would change throughout the day, revealing and highlighting some of its finest, most amazing details.

Needless to say, I took a lot of pictures of it.  

Mt. Otemanu is a dormant volcano that serves as the bullseye to astonishing beauty that surrounds it.
It was as if the tree was standing fearlessly at the edge, taking in the best view it possibly could.
The calm waters surrounding it contrasts with its dynamic and steep shape.
Bora Bora Waters
After a short boat ride, we would see a whole new perspective of Mt. Otemanu.
Misty Morning near Mt. Otemanu
The morning mist would make it look like something out of a fairy tale.
Sunrise in Bora Bora
The morning sun would reveal the magical landscape.
Sunset over Mount Otemanu
I wanted to create an artwork that would spotlight that tree standing alone on the edge.
Magical Light Shining on Mt. Otemanu
I was amazed each morning to discover an entirely different view.
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