Nice to meet you.

I'm Kyle, and I transform spaces by combining intriguing visuals with carefully crafted design concepts.

Then who's Franklin?

Franklin is my middle name. Kyle is common. Neuberger is too hard to spell, so Franklin Arts just felt natural.

You gaze at your walls every day of your life.

Do they inspire you?  
Do they make you grateful? 
Do they captivate you? 
Do they reflect your personality?

What you see regularly can profoundly affect your day.

What you put on your walls can shape so many things about how you live and feel, and I want to help you maximize the impact it has on your life.

Creating art is what makes me tick.

For those that know me best, they would tell you that I am endlessly creative, a tireless idea machine, and a bit of a perfectionist.  I attempt to leverage these things to create unique, meaningful, stimulating wall art.

To me, experimentation is the baseline of creating something unordinary.  I have no formal training or education in art, photography, or even graphic design.  Everything I learn is by reading, seeing, thinking and doing.  There are no rules or guidelines that have been loaded into my head.  There is no knowledge of history, theory, or process to influence what I do. 

Art is my obsession.

Artwork I create for you means everything to me.

I understand there are millions (probably billions) of artworks available for purchase.  Many come from warehouses.  Others come from assembly lines in foreign countries.  Each artwork I create, however, is custom made solely for you and your space.  I'm honored that you would consider partnering with me, the artist.  I guide you through the myriad of options including size, configuration, framing, and substrate materials. 

Ultimately, what I give to you represents me, so I do anything and everything I can to make sure this art fulfills its promise and my mission to create and deliver something extraordinary. 

Whether it's your bedroom, living room, office, or hotel lobby, I treat each project like it's my first and last.  I treasure each opportunity that comes my way, and I am grateful that someone like you would make one of my creations part of your life.