The subtle characteristics of the wood show through for added visual interest.

Maple wood prints add a sense of nostalgia and warmth.

Why choose wood?

Wood prints are printed directly on to 1/2" thick maple wood board.  The wood grain shows through the light and white areas of the art to give it a warm tone and vintage feel.  Each wood print is unique and no two prints are alike.

Wood Print Uniqueness

  • Texture and grain of wood emerges to create something unexpected
  • 1/2" thick certified sustainable maple wood eco-friendly board
  • 1" border makes the artwork pop
  • Ultra durable and no maintenance
  • Floats off the wall with 1/2" wood float mount
  • 100% guarantee

Wood Pricing

Square8x8 $117
1:112x12 $157
 16x16 $213
 20x20 $285
 24x24 $373
 30x30 $535
 40x40 $1,010
 48x48 $1,362
Landscape16x24 $277
2:324x36 $517
 30x45 $760
 40x60 $1,410
 48x72 $2,113
Panorama12x24 $229
1:220x40 $485
 30x60 $1,110
 48x96 $2,689
Super Panorama10x30 $235
1:312x36 $301
 20x60 $810