I am absolutely fascinated by tropical destinations.  

Thus, I  love creating tropical artworks.  

I try to convey the warmth of the sun, the tranquility of the waves, and the feeling of relaxation at its purest form.

Don't forget the pina colada.

Here are some scenes to soothe your soul.

This is in South Bay Honduras. What a paradise, hence the name.
The elements all came together here in Mexico.
Sunrise Cabo San Lucas Picture
Cabo San Lucas hosts some amazing rock formations on the shores. I can't wait to go back.
This shot was also in Mexico and the colors of the flowers were really screaming for attention.
I was intrigued by the texture and the sky to match the fine sand I sat on. For hours.
The birds all took their position on this old broken down pier.
I took hundreds, if not thousands of pictures, to get shots of the water in its clearest moment, along with the birds on the rocks above.
There's something that never gets old--a sunrise on the beach.
The color is what really captivates you sometimes. Like this time in Grand Cayman Islands.
The soft waves brushed up against the rocks during a unique sunrise. I sat a long, long time. On a rock. Totally worth it.
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