Anyone who walks into my house and studio can probably tell that I have a special fondness for canvas.  

It can be small or huge.  One panel masterpieces or five panel artworks.  It can be tall and skinny, square, wide and narrow, or anything inbetween.  Either way, the texture of the canvas gives the art image another element.  It gives it an extra painterly feel.

Don't get me wrong, there are a myriad of other material substrates, and if you're not sure if canvas is the right choice, make sure to check out a special tool to help you choose your best artwork medium (substrate).

For this discussion, let's talk about canvas.  The tricky part can be whether to choose a canvas wrap or a canvas frame.  Hopefully, these guidelines will help in your decision. 

What exactly is a canvas wrap?

Abstract Art on Canvas Wrap

A canvas wrap is an image printed on a canvas that wraps around the edges of a 1.5” thick wooden frame (also called stretcher bars.)  The image can be seen on the surface and also the edges when viewing the artwork from the side. 

When to choose a canvas wrap:

  1. If your budget is a major concern, than a canvas wrap is the one to choose.  
  2. If the image itself has interesting lines and patterns near the edges, sometimes those elements can be enhanced when they pass over the edge.  It can also add visual allure when looking from the sides.
  3. If you have a multi-panel artwork, canvas wraps can work quite well so that nothing stands in the way between canvas panel to canvas panel.
  4. If your style is a bit more informal and casual, a canvas wrap might be the wiser choice to match your style.
Canvas Wrap with Floating Frame
Perhaps your canvas wrap needs a little more.

When to choose a framed canvas wrap:

  1. If budget is not a concern, a frame can add another element of sophistication to the artwork. 
  2. If your desired artwork colors blend with your wall color, then a frame might be a necessary edition.  A strong border between the image and your wall gives it a more appealing presence and visual anchor.  Think of it as a shield to protect itself from the wall swallowing it up.
  3. Frames can often serve as cleverly designed ways to tie your artwork to other elements in the room.  For example, if you have silver door handles, appliances, or furniture, a silver-edge frame could make that artwork even more purposeful.  Alternatively, frames can also help add variety or contrast to a room with decor elements that are on the brink of being too strong or “matchy-matchy.”  If you have white trim with white chairs and white cabinets and a white floor and white walls and white ceiling, (okay, i hope you don’t have that much white), but maybe a black frame will give you that bold contrast your space is begging for.
  4. If your style is a bit more formal, a framed canvas is definitely the way to go.  Consider it to be a sport jacket or cocktail dress for your artwork.

Still not sure?  Contact me and I’ll help guide you in the right direction or you can learn even more about canvas wraps.

Rest assured,  regardless of your choice, it's going to look amazing.

Canvas Wrap Above Couch
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