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Triptych Wall Art

Triptych Art in Room

Triptych is a work of art that is divided into three sections or panels.  In other words, it is 3 piece wall art, meant to be displayed together. 

Franklin Arts gives triptych wall art a modern spin by placing 3 images together using abstract art, natural art, and surreal art.  The images split apart gives the 3 piece wall art a new sense of design and style and cuts the image into thirds so that new details within each can be revealed.  Three piece wall art has become a Franklin Arts staple and continues to be a favorite among clients.

If you are looking for custom triptych art and want to make a statement, look no further.  I want to take on your project and “wow” you so I can “wow” your guests who enter your space.  

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Triptych Artwork Gallery

Below are just a few examples of triptych artworks.  Any artwork can be designed to become a triptych, three panel, piece.

Creating Triptych Art

Remember that I can break nearly any image into three panel wall art, and of course with some images working better than others.  If you’re curious to see what an image might look like as a triptych, I can do a mockup to show you what it could look like. I generally have two methodologies of triptych art.  The first is to break up a single image and make it span across the three panels.  This is probably the most common way.  The second approach to creating triptychs is to reproduce the original image in a different way such as changing the color or orientation (flipped vertically, horizontally, etc) of the initial image.  Either way, it’s a lot of fun and feel free to suggest ideas. A triptych effect is only limited by imagination, and I must say it is one of my favorite types of artwork to create.

History of Triptychs

In their oldest and most traditional form during the medieval period, triptych art was formed by the Ancient Romans who hinged two panels which flanked the central one.  The triptych was a popular standard format for altar paintings in churches and cathedrals.

Why choose Franklin Arts?

This site looks different from other wall art websites because it really is different.

When you buy contemporary wall art from Franklin Arts, you choose to work directly with the artist.  You now have the power to browse through endless contemporary artworks, both natural and abstract, and if you want, you can completely customize the piece to fit your taste and decor.  Other places simply cannot (and do not) offer this level of personalized service.  Read more>>