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Quadtych Wall Art

Four Panel Art in Room

Quadtych art, or 4 piece art, is similar to triptych in that it is made of four panels displayed together (instead of three).  Quadtychs are normally displayed as 4 vertical panels left to right or 2 rows and 2 columns of art panels to give the art a distinguished look.  The column and row “stacked” approach gives a sense of looking out a window.

Four piece wall art can be a perfect application to many of my art pieces and often work better than the triptychs simply because of the way the subject matter is composed in the image.  If you are curious to see what a four panel artwork might look like, please feel free to customize it so I can show you a free mockup.

Quadtych Artwork Gallery

Below are just a few examples of quadtych artwork completed to date.  Any artwork can be designed to become a quadtych, (four panel), piece.

Like triptychs, quadtych applications are primarily done for canvas.  However, over time I have done quite a few quadtych frames which really give a sense of looking out a window since the frame acts as a natural window frame.  Four piece art can also be done by spanning a single image over the formation  of the panels or one single image can be altered three additional times whether it be by changing color or orientation, or both, to create a symmetrical repeating pattern with visual appeal and intrigue.

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