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Oversized Wall Art

Big, Huge, Large, "Ginormous" oversized wall art made for your space.

The most popular way to make a “big” impact is to use oversized wall art.  These are certainly fun projects and my clients have been very happy to see such dramatic results in their space.  Oversized wall art is unexpected, and therefore, creates the ultimate “wow” factor.  Fittingly,  I almost always get a bigger reaction from my clients who order these large oversized canvas art pieces.  It’s uncommon to be able to buy large art that is also affordable, and that is where Franklin Arts excels. Oversized canvas art can come in nearly any size, and for those incredibly huge spaces, you can mount several large canvas panels to make a bigger one.

If you are looking for huge oversized wall art and want to make a statement, look no further.  I want to take on your project and “wow” you so I can “wow” your guests who enter your space.  

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Real Oversized Art Projects

Check out these past oversized art projects!  They are a blast!

Oversized Wall ArtOversized Canvas Art