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Custom Art

Whether it’s a custom size, custom color, or custom arrangement, you can work directly with me to make impactful personalized art to suit you and your space.

In the art world, commissioned art normally comes with a heavy price tag.  With Franklin Arts, commissioned art comes free.  My mission is to not just provide art with impact, but to collaborate with clients to make the perfect artwork for their space.  Art should be personal, and I enjoy creating personalized art.  Let’s face it, when you hang up wall art, you need to love it since it will play a significant part of the décor in your space.  With free commissioned art and personalized art, Franklin Arts can make your favorite artwork the way you want it. 

There’s no need to hire an artist to fulfill your commissioned art needs anymore.  Whether you like abstract art, natural art, or surreal art, I can help you make sure the artwork you select is personalized.  Many artists may thinking changing their art is taboo, but with me, it’s part of the journey.

Learn what makes Franklin Arts stand out from the rest with "Customize It" a unique approach to custom artwork.