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Carnival Legend Photo Tour - Chapter 1

I was lucky enough to take a cruise vacation aboard the Carnival Legend in September.  If you've never taken a cruise, you better put it on your bucket list!  It's a perfect way to see many destinations, relax, have adventures, and take HDR photos!  (Okay, maybe not that last part for everyone.)  Seriously though, the cruise ship offers tons of great HDR photo opportunities due to all the different ranges of light.  Almost all of these are HDR photos.  Stay tuned for many more photos taken on this great adventure (This is only Chapter 1) was a blast!


Carnival Legend Cruise Ship

Behold, the Carnival Legend!  This floating monster was home to around 2,300 passengers, and I was lucky enough to be one of them! (And how about that tropical water?)

Carnival Legend - Front

I snapped this shot while catching a boat ride from one of the excursions I took (which I'll document photo-style in a future chapter.) 

Carnival Legend - Front Side View

Look at how long that nose is!  (I'm sure "nose" is the accurate nautical term ;-)

Carnival Legend - Side View

I can't help but think of "Titanic" when looking at this shot from the side.  I was hoping for a much better conclusion.

Carnival Legend - Top Balcony

During the evening, I took this HDR photo on the top deck by the pool. 

HDR - Inside Cruise Ship

Upon entry on this beautiful water monster, this was one of the first shots I took of the interior.  Click on this for FULL effect! I just love how they design the inside to captivate your attention.  Taking HDR photos was going to be fun....

HDR- Stair Case

This was a grand staircase inside.

Carnival Legend Stairs

...And here it is from a different angle.  Not quite as elegant as the Titanic, but still pretty cool, eh?  See those people in the elevator wondering what in the world I'm doing?


Okay, so I know what you're thinking.  Yes, I'm a little obsessed with the staircase, but I HAD to get yet another angle!

Another Angle of Dining Area

The stairs led to a formal dining area...and this is a good view of the enormous skylight which lit the interior.

Top Dining Area

Here's a better view of the dining area...I just loved how the skylight cast down shadows which fit the design of the carpet pattern almost perfectly.

Carnival Legend Art Mural

This is a shot of the huge art mural..I'm hoping to convince the architects of the Carnival cruise ships to use some Franklin Arts stuff for future ships!

Carnival Legend Interior

Here's another one of my favorite HDR shots where I tried to include as much as I could in the frame.

Staircase at Night on Cruise Ship

This last one is the same scene, but at night.  I really like how lights made the inside look like a spaceship.  Also, the skylight during the day shots cast a pretty thick pink tint, and this shot escapes it a bit.

This trip had me taking tons of photos, so stay tuned for more shots of the ship along with our island excursions...beautiful beaches and skies ahead.

Next stop....Cozumel!  Teaser photo below ;-)

Carnival Legend visits Cozumel

Make sure to check out the other chapters of the cruise excursion including many intriguing HDR images:

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  • JMas
    October 23, 2011 at 8:52pm

    Wow, you may be taking your next cruise for free with those first few shots of the ship, amazing!

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