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Conquering the Challenge of Underwater Photography

The challenge of underwater phtography didn’t stop me in Cabo San Lucas.

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Photography & Life Lesson #1

One of life’s greatest lessons—there is always an opportunity standing behind a challenge.

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Day One is Here

Franklin Arts is now my full-time endeavor, passion, and career.

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The Ultimate Canvas Art Platform

Good things come to those that wait…at least that’s what I had to tell my impatient self for the past 18 months.

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Huge Seascape Wall Art at High Resolution

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to help clients that need some really big art.  This is my latest shot I’m extremely excited about.

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Custom Chicago Skyline Artwork: How AIRBORNE was born

This artwork probably would have been delayed (or not born at all) if it weren’t for Steve.

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This is (NOT) Another Trite Seashell Seascape Photo

Let me tell you why this shot is different from the other seashell scenes you’ve seen.

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An idea extending over 9 months finally made its way out of my head.

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Raining Leaves

Sometimes, it just takes raw patience and persistence to get what you want.

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Revisiting USD Memories

Once a year, Dakota Days allows me to revisit my memories of college life.  This time I brought a camera.

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There’s Always More Behind You

There could always be a more interesting scene behind you.  It’s what I learned yet again during this adventure.

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Obsessing About Photography

An obsession with photography can have some disadvantages, but they pale in comparison to the rewards.

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REFLECTION - September 11th Artwork Dedicated to Victims

Remembering 9/11…artwork to always remind us of what we have.

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Simple Ways to to Give Your Home A Face-Lift

A room can be given a makeover by changing minor accents like blinds, rugs, throw pillows and wall-hangings.

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Golden Gate Bridge Pictures

I recently visited San Francisco and came away with some Golden Gate Bridge photos—some of my fondest to date.

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Why choose Franklin Arts?

This site looks different from other wall art websites because it really is different.

When you buy contemporary wall art from Franklin Arts, you choose to work directly with the artist.  You now have the power to browse through endless contemporary artworks, both natural and abstract, and if you want, you can completely customize the piece to fit your taste and decor.  Other places simply cannot (and do not) offer this level of personalized service.  Read more>>