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Black Abstract Wall Art

Black abstract art can be associated with power, elegance, formality, and mystique.  Black is one of the most mysterious colors since it can evoke feelings of the unknown, and that is what especially lures me to explore dark artwork.

A black abstract art piece can evoke a formal, elegant and prestigious feeling in your space.  The dark black color in my art will make all others really pop out so the black becomes more of a backdrop than a literal color used in the piece.

It probably goes without saying that creating black abstract art is probably my favorite simply because it give the art a distinct “edgy” feel with modern and contemporary artistic undertones.  Dark artwork can look aggressive and mysterious and are certainly meant for those that really want to make a statement.

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When you buy contemporary wall art from Franklin Arts, you choose to work directly with the artist.  You now have the power to browse through endless contemporary artworks, both natural and abstract, and if you want, you can completely customize the piece to fit your taste and decor.  Other places simply cannot (and do not) offer this level of personalized service.  Read more>>