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Sunset Wall Art

Sunset Wall Art

Enjoy any sunset artwork in any size. 


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There’s nothing like watching the sun dip below the horizon and then illuminating the sky with brilliant colors.  A great sunset makes me think about my day, allowing me to put any silly worries aside and think about how beautiful nature and life really is.  Capturing a great sunset picture is deeply fulfilling.

You can probably see that along with abstract art, I am obsessed with sunset pictures and creating sunset artwork.  Most times, it is the color palette of the sky and the patterns of the clouds that will force me to jump in my car and go find interesting sunset images.  This methodology of sunset photography is so vastly different from my abstract art, and it presents a unique challenge to seize the perfect moment.

One thing is for sure:  I don’t see my sunset photo obsession going away anytime soon, so keep coming back to see newly released sunset images and artwork.

The most intriguing, humbling, and perhaps gratifying thing about sunset photography is that a shot I attempt to capture will never be seen in real life again--ever.  It’s a bit overwhelming to think about the fact that I have just one chance on this certain night at this certain second of this certain hour.  After watching hundreds of sunsets, it never ceases to amaze me how seconds will tick by and the entire sky will change.  Sometimes I get a cool sunset photo, and sometimes I don’t, but even the unsuccessful attempts do have value to me.

Over the course of the past few years, I have been able to capture some pictures of sunsets including landscape sunsets, water and ocean sunsets, and abstract sunsets.