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Sky and Cloud Wall Art

Perhaps I like photos of the sky and clouds because even though they are found in nature, they are quite abstract in appearance.  This is especially the case when the composition of the photo isolates the clouds and the sky without any other subject.  Some people even have a hard time telling the difference between a few of my sky art and cloud art pieces and my other abstact art which is more intentional.

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It seems like every day I’m looking up at the sky, especially in the early morning and evening with sunrises and sunsets.  The sun can illuminate the sky in extraordinary ways, and I’m always waiting to capture the photo.

One of my favorite cloud artworks is called IMMINENT where I chased an isolated buildup of clouds forming and traveling westward.  In the Midwest, most times clouds form in large clusters and it was mysterious how it sat in the sky by itself.  It was well worth the chase.


Art photographs of clouds and the sky transform everyday things into distinctive artworks.

The artwork IMMINENT (shown above) is one of the first sky and cloud images I captured which ignited my obsession to capture unique cloud formations and sky colors.  I seem to always look at the sky when I'm outside or taking a drive.  The midwest seems to bring some very unique weather which makes for great cloud and sky art.