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Abstract Wall Art

Abstract Wall Art

Make a huge impact with abstract art that can be ANY size.


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Modern abstract art, also referred to as contemporary abstract art, is an art form that heavily influences and intrigues me. 

I enjoy the notion that the abstract image is left open to interpretation.  It jogs the imagination and forces the viewer to try to understand it.  Like a movie that ends with a fork in the road, you get to decide what happens.

My art journey started by creating modern abstract art, and my passion for it grows stronger every passing day.  This type of contemporary art is normally associated with paint, but mine is quite different.  All of my work starts as a digital image (photograph).  Then I let chance and creativity take over the process until I have a final abstract art image.  Learn more about my process of creating digital abstract art.

A common misconception is that my art is only suitable in a modern home, business, or setting.  While some images are more vibrant and loud, others are softer and more subtle, and create perfect abstract wall art for more traditional décor.  I’ve installed my art in many different settings, and I believe that I can create art for nearly any space.

For those of you who love red, check out my red abstract artwork.  If you like more vibrant colors, you may want to view my orange abstract artwork, purple artwork, or even some yellow art.  My personal favorite is blue abstract art.

If you are anything like me and just like a good mix, you’ll want to check out all of my colorful abstract art.  Inversely, if you want to see a more rare approach to modern abstract artwork, take a look at the black and white abstract art, where the design is in no way whatsoever distracted by its colors.

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