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Office Wall Art

Over the years, I’ve really enjoyed office wall art projects.  These often present unique possibilities with large walls, high ceilings, and interesting lighting.  Creativity can be pushed to the limit with art for offices and corporate spaces.  My most recent completed office artwork was some of the biggest oversized wall art I’ve ever done.  I was able to use both natural art and abstract art to fill the space, and the blend of the two certainly makes for a stimulating environment and a great first impression to customers.

Need wall art for your office?

1. Upload a picture of your office wall so I can give you some ideas.  I'll send you FREE mockups so you can see the art in your space before you buy it!


2. Browse my art collection including abstract art, landscape art, or sky art just to name a few categories that will work well for office art.

Office Art Inspiration Gallery

Find your perfect office art by browsing through some artwork, both abstract and natural.  Perhaps this gallery might inspire your quest to transform your working space!

Franklin Arts excels at envisioning and creating perfect custom office and corporate artwork for your space.

I've understood for years that it's not important to just create distinctive artwork.  It's equally important to be able to customize the art so that it fits the space properly.  This could be through changing the color, the size, and the design of the office art to match your taste and decor.  Far too often, I see people frustrated by the fact that they love a piece of art in a gallery, but it just won't fit their space.  With my approach, anything truly is possible.