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Living Room Wall Art

Living room wall art might be the most important project I will ever have.  Living room art decor can reveal your personality and sense of style.   This space is such an integral part of a home and many hours and years are spent there, so it’s important to get art that suits you and your family well. Because of this fact, I often create personalized art for the living room.  Whether your style is abstract or natural, there’s a piece of Franklin Arts artwork that is right for you.  

Need living room wall art?

Envision It1. Upload a picture of your living room.  I'll then send you FREE mockups showing you some living room wall art ideas so you can see the art in your space before you buy it!


Browse Art2. Browse my art collection including sunset pictures, abstract art, or tree art, just to name a few categories that might work well for your living room.

Living Room Wall Art Gallery

Your living room is a space you spend most of your time in, so make sure your decor is distinctive and impactful to you and your guests.

Your living room art often gives a first impression to your guests.  What do you want yours to be?

There's nothing more prominent in a space than that big huge wall in your living room.  Okay, so maybe I am biased.  The fact of the matter is, however, that you should display artwork that truly reveals who you are.  Whether it's a warm sunset picture or a mysterious abstract piece, you can give your living room a distinctive stamp about who you are in this world.