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Hotel Wall Art

A primary goal of mine is to outfit an entire hotel with art, from the front lobby to every single guest room.  Hotel art can present its guests with a first impression and evoke different emotions.  An abstract artwork for the lobby can add mystique and modernism, while a sunset picture can provide a sense of warmth and a feeling of home.

Are you a hotel art buyer or interior design firm charged with outfitting a hotel or motel with art?

I can make your job much easier by providing art ideas that match the overall decor and can insure that colors of the artwork mend well with established (and hypothetical or proposed) wall colors. I also extend art buyers significant discounts for buying artwork in larger quantities necessary for one or more projects.

To get started:

Envision It1. Upload a few pictures of the space and I can give you some ideas.  I'll send you FREE mockups so you can see the art in your space before you buy my art!


Browse Art2. Browse my art collection including sunset pictures, abstract art, or seascape art, just to name a few categories that might work well for you.


Contact Me3. Perhaps a meeting in person and/or a review of the space may be a good first step. Often times, I will travel to the project location to take photos of my own in order to develop concepts and design ideas. Please contact me if you are interested in working with Franklin Arts on your important project. You won't be disappointed.

Hotel Art Gallery

Franklin Arts provides the ultimate solution when it comes to outfitting hotels, motels, and other spaces that have lots of walls.  The art can certainly create a "vibe" for the guests.

Hotel art gives guests an immediate impression.

Whether you are looking for abstract art, nature art, or black and white wall decor, Franklin Arts can help finish the decor of any hotel.  Each guest room, hallway, or lobby can be outfitted specifically to match your decor and your vision.