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Real Results

Over time, I've worked with many clients to help them select the perfect artwork for their space.  Whether it is outfitting a multi-million dollar business or a small space in a bedroom home, my creative mindset, detailed approach, and maximized effort is the same in every situation.  The bottom line is that I take pride in getting my clients real results.  Here are some examples.

Home Federal Bank

The project was clear.  With a brand new beautiful building, Home Federal Bank needed some eye-catching artwork, and it was my pleasure to assist with a variation of abstract and natural art.

The Living Room

A triptych art piece would suit this space well, but the question was, what image would fit the client's personal taste?  By offering several choices of both abstract and natural art, it was easy to see different options.

The Bedroom

My client had a big blank wall over the bed and it was time to finish the room after a fresh paint of green paint.  Then the fun started compiling various options for the space.  Which would YOU choose?

Configuration Conundrum

What happens when you love two pieces of art, but not quite sure how they should be hung?  Easy.  Contact me so I can show you different ideas of sizes and layouts on your wall.

These artwork ideas could mean real results for your space.