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Franklin Arts continues to build momentum from my compulsion and obsession with creating something new, just like the day it was started on December 12, 2007.   During that time, I experimented with my digital camera to create some rather interesting abstract photographs.  Only a few seemed to stand on their own, so I began manipulating them to create more vibrant colors and contrasting designs.

I knew after creating several images, I would need to see how they would look off the computer monitor—large and in living color--displayed as art on canvas.  I became obsessed with creating more and more of them, always curious as to what they could become.  I knew there could be an audience for these unique creations and I was more than happy to provide them. 

Showing my art for the first time publicly, a guest commented: “these are unlike anything I’ve seen before.”  From that moment on, it was full-steam ahead with creating this kind of art.  My constant motivation is truly to create works unlike anything seen before.   The unique reactions to my art propels me forward.


It makes perfect sense to me today that I am an artist since I always really have been, even as a kid.  I remember that I lived solely for art class in elementary school.  I spent most of my time creating elaborate pencil drawings, and I strived to make any project the most creative and original in the class.  My parents pushed me to pursue art when I was younger, but I never listened.  For me, it was merely a hobby.  Without saying, today it means much more.  Mom and Dad: You were right afterall.

Creating the Art

Each and every artwork begins as a digital photograph.  I never have an end goal in mind, and I consider the art to be more about the process than the final art image.  Even though an artistic image is titled, often times it is morphed even more to create an entirely different image.  Therefore, the title of the art piece marks a stopping point of the image, but never the end.  The image takes the journey of many starts and stops, effects, and random chances of turning into something unexpected.  Each is instinctual and not always intentional.

Franklin Arts artwork is titled by a single word found in the English Dictionary.  This approach alleviates potential distraction from the image itself and allows for open interpretation.  Despite this simple methodology, naming the piece can sometimes still be the most challenging part.

Since each artwork is never really “finished”, I openly invite you to participate in the process, using your influence and requests to create new, custom art just for you.  You can request custom colors, sizes and patterns, and suddenly an artwork is created perfectly for your taste and space.  Using digital technology makes this approach possible and sensible.  I am also able to allow you to see the art in your space before you buy it.

I have no formal training or education in art, photography, or even graphic design, and quite honestly, I am thankful for that fact.  Everything I've learned to this point is by reading, seeing, thinking and doing.  There are no rules or guidelines that have been loaded into my head.  There is no knowledge of history, theory, or process to influence what I do.  To me, experimentation is the baseline of creating something unordinary.  Digital art and photography enables me to explore many ideas through trial and error rapidly and efficiently.  I have discovered through time that digital art is more ideal for perfectionists like me.  After “dabbling” (both literally and figuratively) with painting years ago, I quickly recognized these aforementioned advantages of using the digital medium and best of all, my shoes stay free of paint!

Looking Ahead

The future excites me as I continue to share my art with more and more people.  I look forward to displaying more pieces in hotels, hospitals and clinics, offices, and homes.   My greatest desire is to become a major contributor to the art world for a very long time, and to establish a proven, dependable, and lasting relationship with my clients like you.  I can create the art you envision for your space anytime you need it.  I hope to accept and conquer any challenge thrown at me, and  to always transform a space with unique artwork.

The only thing I am certain about is that I will never run out of creative ideas and I expect to create thousands of artworks over many years ahead.  I enjoy making the art process a collaborative one.  Changing an artwork might seem taboo to some artists, but for those who want exactly what they want, I invite them openly to customize my art to fit their space.  It’s a fun and fulfilling part of the journey.

It is the feedback from onlookers and the neverending support from my incredible wife, Meaghan, and close family and friends which keeps me happy and motivated to continue creating art.  I sincerely thank you all for helping me achieve my dream of being an artist. -Kyle Franklin Neuberger