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Franklin Arts keeps expanding its library to different types of wall art and décor, but something always remains the same: each artwork image starts as a digital photo.  Each artwork is authored by Kyle Franklin Neuberger without exception, and each art piece is titled by one word which must be found in the English dictionary.  Each artwork is adorned with the Franklin Arts seal.  This serves as the official signature.  The symmetrical design allows you to hang any abstract piece any direction you want.

Abstract Art, Natural Art, and Surreal Art

I classify my art into three main categories which are abstract art, natural art, and surreal art.  The category type for which a piece is placed is based on the amount of digital post-processing done to the image.  Abstract and Surreal images are altered digitally with some enhancements being quite extensive and others completed with very minor changes.  Natural images have very little or no digital post-processing done to the final art piece.  As a photographer living in the digital world, the issue of processing images after the photo shoot is one with great debate.  Some photographers believe that everything should be completed in the field (and not behind a computer) while others believe post-processing software programs are acceptable to use.

I am forthright with my view on this issue.  The digital age allows photographers to really become artists, enabling limitless possibilities of images, whether they are in real life or in the imagination.  I embrace digital technology and post processing to make images I shoot in the field more vivid and distinct as long as this point is clearly communicated to the onlooker of the art piece.  By my three-category naming convention, I hope to personally do just that.  I have found that people appreciate creativity in the photography realm, and hardly care whether a photo has embellishments or not.  The line between art and photography have truly become blurred and I stand in the middle of it with one foot on each side, loving every minute of it.